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 Firefly Bow Testimonials

 Below are excerpts of correspondence received from actual Firefly Bow owners.

WOW!!!  This Firefly bow is even more beautiful in person than the pictures would indicate!  Of the eight bows I presently own, this one might just end up being my favorite, and I've only shot about a dozen arrows so far.  That's actually a difficult thing for me to admit since I'm very attached to some of my other bows, all for different reasons, but then, along comes this Firefly Bow which might just top them all.  WOW!!!


It's easily the smoothest shooting, quietest, most dead in the hand of any bow I've ever shot including some other very sought after exotic handcrafted takedown recurves costing nearly twice as much.  


The Brandywine riser is very streamlined and beautiful!  Combined with the Bossie Cedar limbs, this thing is an eye catcher!  The riser is actually smaller and more compact at 15” than I expected, (the pictures make it look somewhat bulkier), however, it shoots smoother than other takedown recurves with risers as long as 20”.  That really surprised me.  Maybe it’s something about the uniquely shaped limbs, or the Actionboo limb cores.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I do know I like it!


I can't wait to show off my new bow at the range!  This thing is drop dead gorgeous!  It’s a work of art, and fits like a glove in the hand! There's no hand shock to speak of.  I can barely notice any vibration at all. It's just so smooth!  I’ve no doubt in my mind, this bow will hold it’s own even along side the other well known (for their performance), and far more expensive brands out there. 


I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my new bow!  It’s tip to tip quality was obvious from the first time I held it in my hand. It’s stability and performance, noticeable from the first arrow I shot.  


No doubt, this bow will become one of my “top shelf” favorites for reasons even far beyond it’s beautiful craftsmanship, and that says a lot!  The guys at the range will be drooling for sure!  



From Brian B. regarding the new Firefly recurve.

Hi Jim, I shot the bow tonight, and man o man does she shoot bullets. Exactly what you said, she comes back very, very smooth, nice and quiet, and fast. I am extremely satisfied with her, I didn't even have to adjust it, except just put a few twists in the string to play with the brace height. I will be having a lot of fun this spring breaking the bow in, I just love shooting recurve bows, and watching that arrow "cork screw" away from you and hit the spot. Thank you again Jim for making a beautiful, deadly weapon, that I may enjoy for many years in my time in the woods hunting whitetails, Lord willing...

“Mornin’ Jim… I should have sent this a couple days ago, the bow made it just fine.  All normal thoughts left me once I saw it, so that kind of explains how I forgot to tell you it made it okay.  Now, all I could do for the first 30 minutes or so was just look at it.  Then I put it together and braced it, and drew it a few times. I got home after dark so I couldn't shoot it, which killed me.  Yesterday I got home in time to shoot some test kit arrows.  After shooting about 10 arrows at the target I took a drink can and threw it out about 20 yards.  I shot two arrows and both centered the can.

So here are my first impressions:  This is without a doubt the absolutely most beautiful bow I have ever handled, hands down.  No question at all, the workmanship is flawless.  It fits perfectly in the hand and points great.  With no tuning at all it is shooting right to the spot I look at...  it is also the quietest, smoothest bow I have ever shot. I have some pretty high end (expensive) bows, but this Firefly outdoes them in every category.  It is fast.  I don’t know exactly how fast, I have not chrono'd it.  I see my almost 600 grain arrows for only a heartbeat before they are hitting the target. I may have to seriously weigh down my arrows just to enjoy watching them flying longer.  After looking at it closely and realizing what kind of quality I was holding, I thought that if it shot half as good as it looks I would be very happy. I was in for quite a surprise though, ‘cause it shoots twice as good as it looks. And it looks GOOD.

Jim, I can't believe you're selling this kind of bow for the price you ask, even though I now own one.  I will own more, I promise you that.  Thank you sir for the time, effort, and commitment to excellence that you put into crafting this bow. - Russ C., Texas

Claudia Eisenmann's antelope hunt with a Firefly Bow

“I just wanted to let you know that I really love this bow.  I am not new to traditional archery at all.  I’ve given this bow enough time to let the newness wear off before sending this endorsement.  Never owned a compound and was shooting an old Bear Polar back in the 60’s.  I’ve owned many longbows and recurves over the years but this little FX keeps growing on me more and more as I continue to shoot it.  I’ve got a rack full of bows to pick from but always end up going back to the FX for serious shooting.  I believe it will see the woods quite a bit this fall.  It’s simply a great design and a wonderful shooter.”-
Dave H. – Maryland

“I only shoot Dacron on my recurves, and I agree that the Firefly longbows appear to be every bit as fast as any of my recurves.  A local friend who is ‘consumed’ with chronograph numbers just ran a 55# Firefly through his chronograph and it turned out to be the fastest stick bow he’s tested to date.  Jim’s bow performance seems to be right up there at the top as far as I’m concerned.”-  Ron B. – Michigan


“I’m really happy with this bow.  I was a bit concerned about the draw weight being a little on the light side, but the way she spits out 550 grain Beman carbons with authority and speed to 30 yards, well, I ain’t got nothing to worry about except doing my job in aiming!” - Rob D. - New Jersey


“I reckon your bows stand up with the best of them.  My mate in Melbourne told me when he shot your bow the other day that the finish is one of the best he has seen.  He is an engineer and his wife is a surgeon, so he is a pretty discerning type of guy…and has more bows than I could dream of; he said your bow is right up there...he was very impressed.”- Phillip S. - Australia


“OH MY!!!  Santa just arrived!  That is gorgeous.  I don’t even want to shoot it.  I am so humbled you can not even know.  No more words…Okay, just went out and shot it, by the eye very, very quick!  As quick as the recurve I have shot for years.  I would go hunting with it tomorrow.  I am supposed to get some work done today.  How am I going to do that??  Oh boy…this fall is going to be extra special.”- Dan R. – Kansas


“I’m really enjoying my bow, just playing with it and getting it fine tuned.  I’ve had a lot of comments on it, as to the appearance and craftsmanship of it.  My wife thought the James 4:14 Scripture reference was a good one for me to think about!”- Drew V. - Michigan


“I am just crazy about this Firefly I bought from Mike.  I really enjoy shooting it.  I can finally give Clint a run for his money on the 3-D course.  I found out his secret weapon all these years has been a Firefly Bow, LOL!  Thanks.”- Doug A. – Tennessee


“I consider myself a bow-a-holic with a serious bow addiction that has put nearly 100 different bows in my hands over the last few years.  I’ve had a lot of ‘keepers’ that were eventually traded or sold.  I ordered a Firefly on a whim…it was built exactly the way I ordered it and I was shooting hunting accuracy right out of the box.  Jim and his bows stand out in my mind.  Value priced but not cheap in any way.  Excellent design, attention to detail, wood choices galore, expert craftsmanship and a man who values the relationship with his customers.”-  Jim S. - Ohio


“Jim, you must be doing a good job in giving back to God because he has blessed you with a gift and it just keeps getting better.  I must say that I haven’t had the urge to shoot any of my other bows since I got the one you made for me.  Usually the new bow syndrome has worn off a bit by now but I’m just as happy with my Firefly today as I was when I first shot it.  Looking forward to hunting this season with your bow.”- Chuck N. - Michigan


“I could not be happier, the bow is great and exactly what I was looking for.  You did a fantastic job, it draws real smooth and the grip fits me perfectly.  I’m really loving shooting this bow.  I can’t get over how smooth it is to draw, haven’t checked the chronograph yet but its spitting arrows out with authority.  I’m thinking about timber combos for #2.” - Mark S. – Zimbabwe


“I recently got one of your bows from the original buyer…anyway I love it.  I draw 30” and was a little overbowed before, but this feels and shoots great…I think I finally found my ‘keeper’ bow.”- Russ H. - Oregon


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