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Sharpening Page 4 of 5

Stroking then factory beveled side from front to back. NOTE THE ANGLE
of the tool as opposed to the broadhead, the angle is critical. Be sure to push
against the blade as well as down it as you stroke.

Once you have stroked the beveled side 3 or 4 times, flip the head over. You are now going to do the same thing on the back side of the head we just created the small bevel on, but you are going to do it BACK to FRONT this time. Using the same angle as you did on the front stroke the head 1 or 2 times much harder. Maintain the angle but you should feel a distinct grind on this side as you use the Smith’s.

 Stroking the head back to front. Use much more pressure on this side, you
should feel a distinct grind, especially on the first pass.

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